3 Lessons Learned After Losing My Job


That’s what I was told this week — after just 6 months in the role, after temporarily losing my job in May, after moving teams internally three times. 

Ive been protective over sharing this information for many reasons. But I’m sharing in hopes that it will inspire someone who is going through a tough time. 

Here are 3 lessons I learned after losing my job in May and being promoted 6 months later.

  1. Sometimes the universe is working for you. 

May 22nd (the day after my birthday) I temporarily lost my job due to Covid.  I was devastated– I had just relocated five hours away from my family and was excited for new beginnings in Charlotte. I allowed myself to grieve and then started pouring into my yoga business. I used that setback as a setup for my own business. Now I have a profitable business AND a sustainable income in my 9-5.

  1. Your identity is not in your job. 

Your job is just what you do, it is not who you are. I remember feeling like I had such a loss of identity, like the job loss was a reflection of my worth.  And honestly that’s why I’m struggling with being excited with this promotion. Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled that I’m promoted and get to do work that I genuinely love.  I am thrilled that my employer recognizes my contributions to the organization. And honestly with or without the promotion, I would still be worthy, determined, and valuable. 

  1. You can always learn from others. 

When I lost a job I was temporarily put into an internship with college students . Mind you I have a whole Masters Degree in higher education.. This time was humbling to say the least. I reminded myself that no matter where you are in life, you can always learn from someone else. 

No matter what you’re going through right now. Keep going! Im rooting for you. Allow yourself to grieve but be open to learn through struggle. Things will turn around I promise they always always do. 

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